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Monitoring Systems

The most advanced and complete remote irrigation management in the industry from Valley Irrigation combines the

ability to monitor soil moisture status with remote monitoring and control of center pivot and linear irrigation equipment.

The BaseStation2-SM is a dedicated, centralized irrigation management system for your computer, custom-designed for

your application by Valley Irrigation.




No more driving long distances or going through fields in the middle of the night to check or stop your irrigation

equipment. With Valley TrackNET®, the family of Tracker products, you can remotely communicate with your center pivots and linears via Internet, Smartphone, mobile phone or tablet, which significantly decrease costs and wasted time.


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Global Positioning System (GPS)


GPS Ready control panels from Valley give you another choice in positioning your center pivots and linears. Based on position data the GPS receiver collects and sends position data to the GPS Ready control panel, allowing you to precisely apply different levels of water, crop fertility products or other inputs within the same field.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Valley TPMS reduces costly downtime by preventing tire, rim and wheel gearbox damage by alerting you when there is a low pressure situation.




Net Irrigate’s patent-pending WireRat® circuitry is the only copper theft monitoring solution that requires no external power. The latest WireRat® technology boasts reduced false alarms and improved security.

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Touch Pro



Classic Plus

Valley Control Panels

The TouchPro control panel with touch technology is designed to provide you with powerful yet user-friendly control of your center pivots.


• Programming based on date, time, position and other data

• Full-color main screen can be customized

• Designed for easy programming including: load management programming,

graphical view of pivot position, end gun and wide boundary positions

• Designed to meet extreme temperatures, high humidity and transient voltage


The technologically advanced Pro2 control panel gives you a simple set of tools for the highest level of control and monitoring, both in the field and remotely.


• Programmable functions based on date, time and position

• Advanced diagnostics, such as system faults, error codes and logs

• Advanced sensory and auxiliary functions

• Backlit screen and keypad come standard

• Available with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Variable Rate

Irrigation (VRI) Speed Control and Zone Control

• Comes standard with a patent pending Valley exclusive, Cruise Control, which

allows automatic speed adjustment of your center pivot

With its programmable features, the Select2 control panel incorporates the same field-proven processor technology as the Pro2.


• End gun, stop-in-slot and auto reverse set in the panel

• Field sector controls to change water application for different crops or soils

• Auto restart on power, pressure or both

• Pivot position reporting

• Backlit screen and keypad come standard

• Available with VRI Speed Control

• Has the capability to read the flow meter

The ClassicPlus control panel offers easy-to-operate switches for manual operation.


• Mechanical auto reverse

• Mechanical pressure switch to monitor for low pressure

• Percent timer dial to control application

• Optional mechanical switches to set pivot direction

• Can be upgraded to Valley Pro2, Select2 or AutoPilot Linear